My name is Zina Wilde- I am a certified Core Energy life coach and actor that has always been curious about the forces that motivate us to do the things that we do. How many times have we not tried something out of fear that we will fail? What do we tell ourselves every day? How do we treat ourselves? What would it be like if we really understood that we are made of magic? Discovered our real selves? Wouldn't it be nice to get to know the real us?

Fake it till you make it? I don't think so. You don't have to fake anything you already are!

I'm here to give you the ultimate make over. But you will not change into anyone other than yourself. Change back into YOU. Do you want to get yourself to the next level? Do you need to really learn how to be kind to yourself and live in the moment while you accomplish your goals and remove your obstacles? Do you need styling that really highlights who you really are? Do you want to look fabulous all the time and be fascinated at the possibilities of how you can come across based on your inner attitude and your outer appearance? What is more attractive than confidence that comes from within??? 

I offer the opportunity to get coached in a fun, creative way and detangle all the knots in your path. Because real style is an inside job 

As a life coach Zina in an iPEC certified Professional coach as well and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. She has a private practice in the West Village and also does occasional workshops.