Other Plans Productions Mission Statement:

We are currently raising 1 million dollars for our upcoming feature film:

In times of crisis art flourishes.

Our mission is to make a difference by empowering ourselves to create films that will tell stories that come from the heart and can change the world.

The Greek Film Fund aims to produce award winning, high quality independent cinema that celebrates Greek culture and redefines international stereotypes about Greek identity.

Films funded by the Greek Film Fund will include co-productions with native Greek film production companies, a mix of American and Greek actors and directors thereby ensuring honest depictions of Greek culture and incorporating the true spirit of Greece, while also securing distribution and release of these films in Greece and in the EU at large, as well as the United States.

Making films with a humanitarian theme that will elevate Greece's current condition and raise awareness and highlight Greece to the outside world.

Create the chance for a new Greece that will show the positive aspects of the country and a proactive way of using the current state of the country as an opportunity to elevate the Greek Film infrastructure and perception of Greece in general.

Please consider donating towards our ambitious goal. If you are interested in being an investor in the movie please contact Zina at ZinaAnaplioti@gmail.com